29 April 2012

I said "sorry"

all this time I've been fighting
with other friends
to follow all the processes
and I'm happy

until a few weeks ago
that process make me so busy
and I sometimes got angry
by my parents

asked for permission to my parents
not as easy as you think
I had to think fast
what other reason that I should use
to come home late every day

and after I didn't come to that day
you simply leave me
forget all of what I have done
with you all

forgive me because I've make you tough
all this time
forgive me because I don't keep our promises
to be with you forever
forgive me because I give up easily
not as strong as you
forgive me .. forgive me ..

please don't hate me
however, we're family
however, we've passed together
only the status of "warga" that make us different, right ?

hmm, that word always haunted me
always ..
forever ..

our "progresip"

i love you so much, polinom 2011 {}

Bina Akrab in Camba

at 3.00 am, using a mask from senior

with this post, I just wanna say "sorry" ...
miss you all   

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